Read what people say about my service:

‘Thank you very much for Friday, which I enjoyed. I got some new ideas and it was a lovely group, your warmth and friendliness obviously helping that to happen. I’m glad that I finally made it to a session: when the power cut happened in Soho I was determined to walk all the way as I think if I hadn’t made it this time I would have had to give up in embarrassment!’ (Kathryn, Attendee, Dare to Care – Intensive)

‘A big thank you Chi (Gudrun) for coming to visit us this month and presenting a fun and lively session; everyone who came to your ‘Be Alive with laughter ‘ workshop at Cooltan Arts enjoyed it immensely. Very quickly into the session, it felt as though our collective cobwebs and dust were being blown away. Your creative and energetic approach and ideas helped people forget themselves and their usual patterns of being; they became freer to play, to imagine, to conceive different ways to be. That is a gift that the group and I thank you for and appreciate. We hope you will come and do another session for us next year, and challenge us to laugh again.

Until then good luck, may the Magic Mad Hat travel far and wide…

All the best’ (Tom Andrews, Self Advocacy Manager @ Cooltan Arts)

‘It was an enjoyable blend of tools to improve one’s sense of well-being . I think these tools are good to use in life as well caring. Look forward to some future workshops’ (Raj,  Attendee, Dare to Care – Intensive)

‘I did enjoy the dare to care workshop. I really enjoy your passion and your belief in what you do. I always learn something from your workshops.
I did find some of the activities in particular the holding and touching hands with others challenging and a bit uncomfortable for me although I did get used to it, but I would have preferred it if you checked out how we felt about it before and perhaps offer another option for those who didn’t want to touch at first.
I loved the ‘I love me’ activity I even got some of my students to make some art work with ‘I love me’ on it. Which was fun for them.’ (Georgia, Attendee, Dare to Care – Intensive)

‘I found the intro workshop very thought provoking and intense in a fun way. As a Tai Chi instructor, we run Tai Chi sessions for disabled people and carers. Some techniques from the workshop, such as mirroring and complementing, self-awareness, will be very helpful and complementary to our Tai Chi training to carers.’  (Aileen, Attendee, Dare to Care – Introduction)

‘I found the workshop to be very eye opening, relaxing and healing. Some of the techniques were very thoughtful and you put as all at ease with your humour and positivity.’ (Camilla, Attendee, Dare to Care – Introduction)

‘I just wanted to let you know that I had such a brilliant time last Friday at your workshop, I had no idea that I needed to do exactly what you provided so much, until I was there. Within minutes I found that I had gone to a place that had been forgotten and was lost within me somewhere. What you did with us drew it out of me so beautifully and gently (and also with a bit of appropriate challenge too!). I have had a very tough decade losing my sister among many other things…I can feel this very serious time is now drawing to a close (thankfully) and I am now ready to play and be alive again… I trained in physical theatre years ago and I loved it so much, particularly clowning and laughing! I have also had a difficult journey with regards to looking after myself so your idea of bringing these elements together is just what I needed…thank you so much…you are such a warm and vibrant human being and that came across so clearly…It actually inspired me to reconnect with that part of my life, I would love to possibly experience more of this.’ (Anne Marie, Attendee, Dare to Care – Introduction)

‘Wonderful workshop tonight! Lots of positive and healing energy! Thank you.’ (Mickela, Attendee, Dare to Care – Introduction)

‘Great workshop last night. Really enjoyed it’. (Sarah, Attendee, Dare to Care – Introduction)

‘The workshop was fun and spiritual at the same time.’
(Joanna, Attendee, Dare to Care – Introduction)

‘So enjoyed Friday, it was fun, relaxing and affirming all in one go. Thank you for your lovely welcoming openness and playful spirit.’ (Jessie, Attendee, Dare to Care – Introduction)

‘Really great session! Gave me lots of ideas’.
(Elliott, attendee, Dementia, Age, Laughter & Joy)

‘I have to say that there was apprehension when I and the members first heard about the Improvised Comedy hour. But it did not take long to realize this was a very special activity.
The members quickly realized that this was a time to be as silly & outrages as they wanted without being laughed at & this became evident as the weeks went on.
Certain members normally quiet through most classes, have completely open up to their dark side which has been wonderful to see.
Taking the class is Gudrun who completely mad herself has become loved by the members raising huge smiles when she arrives.
One of the good things about the comedy hour is the cross over between members with dementia & those who do not suffer, becoming evident that it does not matter, which is truly amazing.
The class has become incredible important to the members in times of financial uncertainty.
The reactions, all different, are great when told it is comedy hour this morning or as one member puts it ‘gooblegoole’ hour. Long may it continue.’
(S. Lugard, Care assistant, Millman Resource Center)

“I definitely like the way you are using Improv in helping people which I’ll take as a good example when I do my outreach (in helping multi-cultural areas).” (Rajesh Patel, Attendee, The Magic Mad Hat approach with Dementia)

“I hugely enjoyed the presentation and yes I would recommend it to anyone working with the elderly or in fact anyone who works with community groups / as a facilitator. I think the exercises were a great fun way of warming up but also I really admired what you are doing and how passionate you are about it all. It was great to learn more about the mentality of people suffering with dementia e.g. they already feel a sense of failure and it’s important to create a space that tries to reverse that.” (Rhian, Attendee, The Magic Mad Hat approach – Presented)

What a marvelous event! Inspiring people, thought provoking, moving and full of mirth and merriment!” (Jamie, Attendee, Impro, The Clown & Mindfulness)

‘What impresses me is how Gudrun engages with the people who have dementia – they light up! It’s great to see the change in them.’
(Richard Norman, Assistant Manager Older Peoples Service)

‘Thank you so much for taking the session at our dementia café -You warmed everyone up and got them involved and got everyone laughing. It certainly was a lot of fun!’ 
(Liz, Dementia Café Group Coordinator)

‘Your class is the only class they don’t say “Oh god”…’
(S. Lugard, Care assistant, Millman Resource Center)

‘I hope they use your services as I and another family member thought it was Fantastic…’
(Angela, Family member)