LadyG – The Performer

Hoopla S1-3.JPGMy first ever performance was at the end of the ‘Hoopla Improvised Comedy Beginners course’.

I wasn’t worried that it would go wrong, but I certainly did not expect the reception and great feed-back we did receive.
I felt like a Hollywood star – this experience was life changing.

After the completion of Logan Murray’s Stand-up comedy course LadyG was born.

As LadyG I would hit the London comedy scene with a bang- it provided me with a platform of free expression while making the audience laugh.
Sure, I had some ‘flops’ – but I have transformed every flop to my advantage, while working on it and improve my set, hence my stage persona.

Stand up comedy is great but for me a bit limited in terms of physical expression. I am more a clown, a person who expresses a lot through her body language.
In 2013 I created ‘The Magic Mad Hat Show’ – a wild combination of Improv & clowning.
Scenes literally made up on the spot, with different team ddgmembers each time –I called it ‘Old school Improv’.
No rules, no complicated formats, just team members having great fun together while playing different characters on stage – and see where it would take us.

It was amazing to see how many people were interested to play at the ‘Magic Mad Hat show’, the different personalities, approaches and sometimes even conflict of egos.


I love to play within a group, but this also means I sort of ‘depend’ on other to be able to perform. I am a very self sufficient person, and waiting for others is no strength of mine. So I have created ‘LadyG – Just me…’ – an unique solo performance, combining Clowning, Improv & Mindfulness on stage.
Rather than create a scene – I let the scene arise by itself. I take my time, I am not afraid of silence, and I am using emotions to hit with sometime dark, surreal but funny humor.

With ‘Just me…’ it seems I have found my full platform of expression while being able to be fully real and myself.

My Longest show was 60min long at the Improvfest 2016 – playing three different characters.

My most Recent show was in New York performing as a two pro and in a group.


Follow ‘Just me…’ on Facebook, and come and watch my show or come and see me at my weekly ‘LadyG & Friends’ event...


‘So patient and committed and real and brave enough to let laughs come when they do and play for the integrity of the piece’ (Alex, Improviser & audience member)

‘Fantastic show on Tuesday! Everyone was talking about you after! Look forward to the next one’ (Tai, Improviser & audience member)

‘It’s always exciting to watch you!’ (John, Improviser & audience member)

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