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‘The Magic Mad Hat’ –Brighten up your life with Laughter, Love & Care

The Magic Mad Hat was founded by me, Gudrun Christine Fritz and its purpose is to bring laughter, love, joy, light, care & healing back into the wider community.
The Magic Mad Hat offers workshops and special tailored comedy sessions for people with dementia, mental health issues and learning difficulties.
I am applying/ offering fun and interactive techniques acquired from clowning & improvisational theatre as well as a shamanic influenced view to guide you to love yourself & others, laugh and care with/for others joyfully and humorously.

As a clown, workshop facilitator as well as qualified shamanic healing practitioner, I am reaching out to the vulnerable- elderly as well as younger -people in society to brighten up their lives. I am happily come to care homes, community centres, festivals,

Furthermore, I am hosting a comedy evening – ‘LadyG & Friends’– every fortnight at the Library, London, where LadyG, my stage persona, invites you to an entertaining evening featuring 4 great and always different acts, as well as you can be part in two brilliantly audience Improvised jams.


About myself, Gudrun Christine Fritz & Why I am doing what I am doing


I was born on a very sunny day in July in Austria.
Since then, the sun was shining on all of my birthdays, no matter where I would be.

As so many people in our society, I used to struggle with low self confidence, low self- esteem and light depression.

After life-long soul searching, I have re-discovered the joyful essence of life itself in Clowning, Improvising & Shamanism.

From late 2012 onward, I have dedicated my life to discover, enjoy, perform and experience the Clown, the Improviser, the Stand-up comedian and ultimately myself.
At the same time I started to ‘go down the rabbit hole’, while engaging in shamanic journeying, learning advanced classical shamanic principles & practices in order to immerse deeply and profoundly in the shaman’s world.Photo0238

With the powerful combination of clowning, improvising & shamanism, I am providing a platform for you to brighten up your life with humour, laughter and love.

Clowning, Improvisation & Shamanism have changed my perception and attitudes towards life.
In September 2015, I have founded The Magic Mad Hat – offering comedy sessions for elderly people with dementia, for people with mental health issues and adults with learning difficulties.logoflyertest

I help you to step out of your comfort zone, enhancing your spontaneous side while being able to laugh about yourself and with others.
I am hoping to inspire you to embrace the transformation of life and to discover new paths with humour, joy, love and care.
Connecting deeply to the universe, letting go and be, can be rewarding and healing, hence facilitate your daily routine.

Nothing in life remains the same, and I will guide you along a lighter & joyful path of change.
My aim is to show people the ‘Art of care’, which starts with self-care & love.

Trained and inspired by Clown One Italy, Clown One Japan and Patch Adams, I am using and teaching clowning & Improvising games, techniques and exercises to help you to allow humour, love & care into your daily life.img_5868

During my workshops/ session you will not only be able to ‘fool’ around, but also be more in touch with yourself, the environment and other people.
I will show you ways to find your true being through love & acceptance

‘Sacred seriousness becomes sacred anxiety which then becomes sacred laughter.’ (Read more here) .
All my comedy workshops and sessions are designed to help you to experience and reconnect to your own mindfulness. The classes are indented for you to rediscover your creative spirit while having fun and be able to let go of your fears.

You will laugh a lot (in a socially safe non-critical environment) and study the endless mechanisms of spontaneous ad hoc humor. (http://www.joyfulaging.com/HumorTherapy.htm)

 ‘I have never felt more completed in my entire life – I finally love me’

My work reflects the benefits of clowning, improvisation & shamanism offering joy, love, laughter, peace and care.

LadyG – The Performer


Relevant Qualifications & Training


2012: ‘The Courage to be’ Clowning course – Nose-to Nose
2012: Improv Beginners Course – Hoopla
2013: Stand up comedy Course Logan Murray
2013: Improv Advanced CourseHoopla
2016: ‘The laughing body‘ – Gesundheit! Institute, Clown one Italy & Clown one Japan
2016: Intense training in Classical Shamanism – Sacred Trust
2016: David Razowsky ‘Putting it All Together’ – Nursery


2013: Peta Lilly’s Red Nose & Dark Clown
2014, 2015 & 2016: John Davison
2014: David Razowsky
Through out the years: Various teachers from UCB New York & LA

Shamanic Workshops

2012: The Shaman’s Pathway
2013: Divination
2014: The Spirit of the Drum
2014: Shamanism & creativity

attentance certificat gesundheit.jpeg


Gudrun’s interview with Kata Karáth 

Gudrun is fully DBS (previously CBR) checked as well as fully insured.

 There is nothing kinder and nicer as an honest smile to make people shine

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