2017 Highlights

Welcome to 2017 – be intrigued what the Magic Mad Hat has in store for 2017.

Dare to Care – Intensive & Dementia

Dare to Care is a workshop using techniques established from Clowning & Improvising to facilitate the tasks of caring for others.

The main aim behind these two workshops is for you to loosen up, reconnect with yourself and to learn very simple but greatly effective techniques helping you to care for others with love, compassion, patient and understanding.


The Intensive workshop is a more general workshop, meaning what you will learn during these workshops can be applied to everyone you care – elderly, disabled, children, ill people – literally everyone you might care about AND to yourself also – how often are you telling yourself ‘I love me’? The workshop shows you ways to have more fun and therefore makes caring more enjoyable.

More information and how to book your place, please click here



This workshop is specialized to care for people with dementia, especially people with mild to moderate dementia. Gudrun is using her Improvisation and clowning skills to introduce you to some fun games, she plays with people who have dementia. These games are not only fun, but also supportive to the cognitive system.

In addition, during this workshop you will experience firsthand what it means to be blocked and how to avoid confusion. Overall, this workshop is to show you a more fun way to communicate with the loved ones who has dementia, in order to facilitate your daily routine. Go on ‘their’ journey.

More information and how to book your place, please click here

LadyG & Friends


LadyG & Friends – is now twice a month back at The Library near Highbury & Islington station. 4 brilliant acts & 2 awesome jams where YOU can be the star of the night – check out the when, who, where & why here.

Dao Lu

The Magic Mad Hat has come together with Dao Lu offering the great health benefits of Thai Chi combined with the fun benefit of laughter. Thai Chi is to connect mind & body while laughter looses you up and connects you to your inner child.

Gudrun is now holding various sessions for elderly people and people with learning difficulties.

Cooltan Art center


At the end of 2016, The Magic Mad Hat held a taster session at the Cooltan Art centre – dedicated to people with mental health issues. The Cooltan Art centre & the Magic Mad Hat are working together to enable to offer an entire Impro course to people with mental health issues. Impro is such a wonderful art tool to overcome so many mental issues, such as low self-esteem, depression anxiety…

More information will be posted soon

Mario Müller


‘Yeah – due to huge popular request, the Magic Mad Hat is absolutely delighted to announce that Mario Müller is coming back to London on the 28th of April.

Mario is already well known for his impressive physical approach in Improv. Some of you already had the pleasure. His next workshop is going to focus on applying physicality to define & express your status in the scene, as status work is the drive behind every good scene

More information and how to book your place, please click here

In that sense – I am hoping to reach more and more people with the Magic, bring joy & laughter to those who need it the most and also help you to brighten up your life.

Happy New Year Gudrun


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