Magic at the CoolTan…


Last week the Magic Mad Hat was invited to hold a 2 hrs workshop at the CoolTan Art center, London.

The CoolTan Art center offers various Art activities, such as painting, Photoshop, poetry and textile to people suffering from Mental Health.

The subject of Mental health itself is fascinating for me.
From a society point of view, I consider it is very obscured as on the one hand, you have people invading countries, killing thousand of people and are glorify by other million of people.
On the other hand you have a pure lost soul self harming himself while he doesn’t understand the concept of love.
This pure soul gets labelled as ‘Mentally unstable’, receives a cocktail of brain manipulating drugs and is an outsider for the rest of his life, whereby the only thing that person needed was a bit of attention, care and love.

Now from a Shamanic point of view, Mental Health is an interesting subject in terms of healing procedures. It could have many different causes, such as Soul lost or Spirit possession. From Shamanic point of view, there is a cause, an unbalance and balance can be restored without having to take heavy, brain manipulating medications.

‘Mental Health’ has been an inspirational trigger of some of the greatest performer.
Great performers, such as Robin Williams, Marlon Brandon, Marilyn Monroe or Britney Spear are knowingly ‘suffering’ from Mental Health.

Before I had entered the world of comedy, I surely struggled with my low self – esteem, slight depressions and no self worth.
Comedy gave the a platform of allowing my to fully express my self and it was definitely the most effective ‘therapy’.

So when I hosted the 2hrs workshop at the CoolTan Art Center, I was happy to see, that the participants just ‘dove’ into the fun, felt free and safe enough to express themselves while not being scared of doing any of the exercises.
The first half was to ‘break’ the ice and to get to know each other, while during the second half we entered the world of creating some short scenes.
During the break we happily danced to the music while others had a lovely cup of tea.

Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves which was shown through smiling or laughing.
I totally loved the session and would be very happy to come back. It was great to see how Improv can have the same encouraging, liberating and fun effect on others as it had on me. I am glad I was able to witness this and hope to be part of more to come.

Thank you CoolTan Art Center and the great participants



One thought on “Magic at the CoolTan…

  1. A big thank you G for coming to visit us this month and presenting a fun and lively session; everyone who came to your ‘Be Alive with laughter ‘ workshop at Cooltan Arts enjoyed it immensely. Very quickly into the session, it felt as though our collective cobwebs and dust were being blown away. Your creative and energetic approach and ideas helped people forget themselves and their usual patterns of being; they became freer to play, to imagine, to conceive different ways to be. That is a gift that the group and I thank you for and appreciate. We hope you will come and do another session for us next year, and challenge us to laugh again.
    Until then good luck, may the Magic Mad Hat travel far and wide…
    All the best
    Tom Andrews
    Self Advocacy Manager @ Cooltan Arts


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