November News

Good day everyone,

I hope you are all well, embracing the changing season while enjoying the colorful leaves, the still warm and sunny days.
Here at the Magic Mad Hat, I am happy to make this change as joyful, fun and loving as possible, by offering not only one, BUT two amazing workshops – FOR FREE!

Furthermore, I would like to reach out to you as a shamanic practitioner and offer you my healing support on a ‘what you can give’ basis (more below).

Being kind, having fun and give some love & care doesn’t have to cost a fortune – it only takes a bit of time – time for you to stop, rest, see and experience.
Like the change of season itself, we are more likely to slow down, reflect, health, let go of the old, breath and be.
I hope you enjoy what is on offer & I am looking forward meeting you soon.


Dare to Care – Introduction

Dare to Care- Introduction is back on the 11th of November 2016.
This workshop is from 7-8.30pm and introduces you to a kinder way of caring. Inspired and trained by Gesundheit! (Patch Adams), Clown One Italia, Clown One Japan and many great Improvised Comedy & clowning teachers from the UK & US, Gudrun has established a new concept of how to apply joy, laughter and deep love to your daily care.
The Workshop is literally to give you a glimpse of Clowning in caring. the first half is dedicated on finding your own joy as the second half is to ‘transfer’ this inner joy to care for others with more love, intentions, attention and calmness.
These 1.5hrs are here to give you a short inside of how effective a simple gesture can be.

When: 11th of November, 7-8.30pm
Where: At The Millman Street Community Center
50 Millman Street (entrance between numbers 34–36)

It’s Free

Dare to Care – Intensive
‘Dare to Care -Intensive’ is the ‘real’ deal in terms of teaching you many different ways of how to be more joyful, loving, caring as well as how to appreciate and love yourself more.

I am going to introduce you to:

The Art of Care
The Laughing Body , the Listening Body
The theater of the clown
The Invisible Body

Using simple clown techniques and a very simple, but highly effective caring approach you will be guided to experience a deeper connection to yourself as well as to the essence of being human.
I encourage family members, carers & art facilitators to take part in sessions in order to get to know the techniques used as well as to experience the benefits of the games/ exercises themselves.

When: 25th of November, 7-10pm
Where: At The Millman Street Community Center
50 Millman Street (entrance between numbers 34–36)

It’s Free – Donation – you give what you can/ think is right/ want to give

Shamanic Healing
Shamanic Healing is the oldest form of healing. Traditionally, a shaman was an important part of tribal life – a medicine person, said to be able to communicate with spirits and ‘journey’ to spirit realms with the help of their own spirit allies. Modern-day shamanism follows a similar pattern, with properly-trained shamanic practitioners working with power animals and spirit helpers to seek advice for the client. In his book The Spirit of Shamanism, Roger N. Walsh, M.D., PhD. defines Shamanism as follows: “Shamanism can be defined as a family of traditions whose Practitioners focus on voluntarily entering altered states of consciousness in which they experience themselves or their spirit[s], traveling to other realms at will, and interacting with other entities in order to serve their community.” Shamanic healing tends to either remove energy from a person that shouldn’t be there, or to restore ones authentic power and essence.
Since 2012 I have been intensify my connections with the ‘unseen’, and fully engaged my self to the journey of becoming a qualified Shamanic Practitioner. In June 2016 I have completed the two weeks intensive training in Classical Shamanism. Since this completion i have been called on to help people on a daily basis.

Now I would like my service to you and you. Find out more and dive into the ancient art of healing. Come back to the roots for your own well being.

In that sense, keep your eyes & hearts open, embrace the joy and love coming your way, stay open, smile & shine.
I am hoping to be able to help, heal and support you in your life and to most importantly to give you a smile…
Lot’s of love & peace xxx Gudrun

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