An Introduction…

…to Dare to Care…

On Friday the 16th of September I run the first ever ‘Dare to Care’ workshop with an amazingly positive respond.

We started the session with a circle, as the circle symbolizes the unity and the connections of a group. The circle is an ancient symbol as since the beginning human were sitting around the fire in a circle, Shaman ceremonies are contacted in circles as well as in any drama/ Improv/ clown session you would start in a circle.
After everyone introduced themselves with their names, I asked to hold hands, close your eyes and breath in and out deeply. At the final breath out I asked to say ‘I LOVE ME.’

Patch Adams taught us the importance to tell yourself as often as possible:’I love me’. How often do you actually tell yourself that you love yourself – I know right?!img_6221

We then continued our first half of the workshop with interactive exercises  to bring out the inner ‘fool’- the inner child.

In order to be able to care for someone you need to be ‘joyful’ yourself, be relaxed and ‘easy’. Discovering your inner child will help you to care with more ease, with more inner joy while being relaxed. Taking care of someone can be difficult, sometimes hard and emotional draining. So it is very important to fully take care of yourself, in order to be strong, ‘light’ and open to the person you care for, as well as to yourself.

We finalized the first part with ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ – moving smoothly through ‘the underground by rush hour’.

The second half was dedicated to trust, care, calmness and simple being present while fully feel.
Guiding a ‘blind’ person requires full awareness and trust, as much as letting someone entering your ‘personal’ space. These only can be done with compassion, serenity, and full awareness. These require you being fully present, feel the others person’s ‘personal’ space and make sure you are not going too far into this space.
These exercises further encourage the participants to let go from the fear of touching and being touched, by simple allow to give each other gentle massages and king strokes.

The second part ended with just holding each other hand while listening to relaxing music and being quiet in the present moment.img_6231The workshop ended with a dance off, and a final circle – where we introduced each other with the kindest words.

This workshop was only an introduction, a glimpse of how a little gesture can go a very long way.


‘Wonderful workshop tonight! Lots of positive and healing energy! Thank you’ (Mickela)

‘Great workshop last night. Really enjoyed it’. (Sarah)

‘The workshop was fun and spiritual at the same time.’ (Joanna)

‘So enjoyed Friday, it was fun, relaxing and affirming all in one go. Thank you for your lovely welcoming openness and playful spirit.’ (Jessie)

I invite you to see, experience and feel it fully for yourself on Friday, 30th of September 2016.

When: 30th of September 2016, 7-10pm
Where: At The Millman Street Community Center
50 Millman Street (entrance between numbers 34–36)
Tube: Holborn/ Russell Square
Investment: £15.00


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