Do Dare…

…To Care!!

The Magic Mad Hat now offers twice a month a workshop specific dedicated to care:

Dare to Care- Introduction &
Dare to Care- Intensive

So what do these workshops imply?
For whom are they suitable ?
And what are the benefits- so basically why should you definitely attend one?!

These workshops are designed for EVERYONE who cares – cares about themselves, cares about someone else, cares about the environment & society as a whole.
These workshops are designed to re-introduce you the the fundamental basics of being human and profound simple human needs.

buttecup-the-tribe-impossible-dreamIn the old days families would live together in tribes where the elders would help to raise the youngest & the youngest would help to care for the elders.
During these times the elders were respected for their expertise, wisdom and life experience.
The youngest in return were allowed to be children while connecting deeply to nature and the basic principles of surviving, such as growing your own food or catching a fish.
In our days the elderly as well as the youngsters are put into institutions and any social human interaction has been replaced by IPhone & co. while constantly running after money to be able to pay for the institution where half of our family is kept.

The constant bombardment of bad news, war & terror – sending out ‘end of the world’ messages on a daily basis makes society freeze of fear, forgetting to be joyful while wondering where it all will go and how we will end up.pokemon-go-18
People hiding behind Pokemon Go, Twitter & Facebook instead of enjoying a stroll in the park has alienated people from each other so much so that ‘care’ slowly seems to become a word from the past.

BUT as bad as it all appears to be, parallel to it all, a reawakening is rising up – with more and more people wanting to return to humanity, to the human touch, to reconnect to nature and to be REAL again.

96145-92794Realizing that the way the world is going is neither satisfying nor in any way beneficial for being simple human, people around the world yawning for more laughter, for more inter – social interaction, for ways to be accepted & loved more and most importantly to be able to be there for the entire family- no matter if old or young.

In addition, more and more people are seeking ways to simple love themselves and to reconnect to the divine, universal love which connects us all.

With the ‘Dare to Care’ workshops, the Magic Mad Hat is inviting you to dare to receive care, to give care and most importantly to ACCEPT self-care!.

Both workshops are divided into two parts.

The first part focuses on ‘letting go’.
Consisting of fun warm up games/ exercises the first half is to inspire you to let you inner child come out and for you to be playful again. There is no right or wrong, there is no pressure, there is just you in the moment of
Further we will explore ‘The Laughing Body , the Listening Body’ – An invitation to rediscover our inner and outer Laughing Body, that jumps and plays, senses and appreciates itself and it’s environment.
It’s an invitation to explore our bodies through listening and interacting with others. Both workshops are focusing on tuning in with one’s awareness and one’s connection with the surroundings.  paul-and-ginevra

The second part of the workshop is dedicated to ‘The Art of Care‘- As a way to better understand ourselves, discover our body, and reflect on “Care”.
This session will show very simple ways of connecting with an other, without having to ‘go out of your way’.

As Patch Adams says: ‘Love is an Intelligent – your attention can stop somebody’s pain’.

You also will be introduced to simple techniques helping you to love yourself again.

The ‘Dare to Care’ – Intensive workshop also includes:

The theater of the clown: An exploration of improvisation and clown technique in the extraordinary and the ordinary: humor and clowning in all environments, being in the present, wonder/imagination, and mindfulness.IMG_5777.JPG

The Invisible Body: Dance and body work .

Both workshops are suitable for EVERYONE who cares – about themselves, about some one else, about the environment and about our society as a whole.

The skill acquired can be used for elderly, children, disabled or any other vulnerable people within  this world – including YOURSELF!!

Please join me for a journey of rediscovering the humanity within you as well as in your surroundings. Come and reconnect to the human touch.

Come and DARE TO CARE!


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