I am sure most of you have watched the film ‘Patch Adams’ with Robin Williams playing Patch Adams.

The Magic Mad Hat idea was definitely inspired by Patch Adams approach in terms of ‘Healing through laughter’ and while setting up my venture I research many times the way Patch Adams started off.

So one day end of May 2016, at 3am in the morning, after a party, I decided to rewrite my Business Plan (as you do at that time of the day), as there was something significant missing in my whole idea/ approach.
That when I thought (again): ‘How would Patch Adams formulate this?!’ – and ended up researching his website. It was then when I saw this great course offer – ‘The Laughing Body’, hosted by Clown One Italia, Clown One Japan & Patch Adams himself (in person for real).
I honestly did not think twice, as I knew I needed to bring my Clown to a higher, greater & more effective level. I signed up there and then. When I told my mum she reclaimed:’Wow Patch Adams!’ – My lovely mum knows Patch Adams- the best confirmation ever!

To travel to the United States, especially to New York, has always been a great dream of mine – and now it finally was happening.

But before this great adventure, I was due to complete my Two Week Training in Classical Shamanism at the Sacred Trust.


My Shamanic training was one of the most important training I could have done in my life.
I finally found a way to use my powerful, potentially healing energy for the greater good. I fully reconnected with nature and me & my beloved drum have proven us worthy of doing the healing work to the ancestors & spirits.

With the completion of my Shamanic Training it became more and more obvious, that the ‘Laughing Body’ course is the missing piece of the puzzle.

My luggage was ready with my Shamanic healing kit – Drum (I am not going anywhere without her), sage, candles, incense, crystal as well as my divination kit. Of course I put some cloths and a book in for the journey.

I was even so blessed, that I got a really cheap flight with Virgin Atlantic…
Arriving at Heathrow at the Virgin Atlantic check in desk was like scene from a film.

I arrived first a JFK at about midnight I was hit by a 30C heatwave- ‘yeah baby that what i call summer’.
I had to spend the night at JFK and was rather disappointed that the ‘Restroom’ turned out to be a toilet rather than an actual restroom.
To my surprise, however, I was full of energy and only slept maybe an hour or so on the airport floor.

Continuing my journey to Lewisburg, West Virginia, I went via Washington DC and then I arrived. It was raining – A LOT!
On the small airport we were all welcomed with smiles, kindness and a massive ‘Hello! Welcome’!

IMG_5722.JPGA further 40min drive finally brought us to the final destination – The Gesundheit! Institute.
I was kindly allocated to my room, which I shared with 6 other girls. I live on my own here in London and I thought this will be a major challenge for me – but it turned out to be the best experience I ever had. The girls were so sweet, helpful, welcoming and loving so that I miss them all now very much.

It usually takes me a while to ‘warm up’ to new people, but my usual ‘shy’ attitude didn’t stand a change with all the love and especially acceptance given to me.
This place is so magical, that even the deer comes to you to welcome you.IMG_5704.JPG

I straight went off with my drum and started to drum – first rather quiet- but then everyone so enjoyed the sound of the drum, that I was allowed to let her show her full potential.

We had a lovely healthy vegan organic dinner, and slowly got to know each other a bit more.

IMG_5719.JPGEveryday, early in the morning, we were offered an optional Tai Chi session next to the pond.
If I was in London I would have struggled to wake up in time and walk to the pond to do Tai Chi. BUT not there! I was up at 5am in the morning almost ever day – without delay. Enjoying the mystical sunrise, watching the deer & its youngster grassing, hearing the first bird waking up and observing the fog wandering magically over the beautifully impressive landscape.

The mornings were usually dedicated to Clowning – hosted by Ginevra, Italo or Mariko, the games & exercises were designed to bring the inner joy out, to be able to fool as well as to move more smoothly. Further, we learned how to apply the clown on stage or on the street. How to use you inner child to make vulnerable, disadvantaged and ‘dislocated’ people smile & shine again.italo-ginevra
These sessions were build on great team interaction, while being gentle and supportive.

Afternoon sessions were mainly dedicated to the more deeper aspect of being a Clown in society. This would include a massive effort on Self- care, on care for others with a gentle  touch, applause or simple telling each other ‘I love you’.

Evenings were spent with watching some great documentaries about the great work Clown One Italia is doing around the globe or Patch Adams was here to tell us his amazing life story. One evening we played a story telling game – and to my utterly surprise my story got everyone laughing so hard, that they almost cried.IMG_5868Patch Adams also hosted a workshop purely dedicated to ‘Love yourself’ – YES how often do you actually tell yourself that you love yourself – I know RIGHT?!… this was very powerful I have to say.

The final evening we all spent in a mud pud, where we even had a mud wedding – so so awesome!IMG_5851.JPG

And you would think at night we were all tired and went straight to sleep – well think again. We would spend most of the nights baking cake, talking, singing, laughing & dancing… I think i slept an average of 3 hrs per day – BUT I never ever felt tired…very on the contrary. I gained more and more energy each day.

On the side I was doing a lot of healing work for the land as well as for some participants. I was drumming the drum for hours. Even one night long, as there was the need to hold a major ceremony. IMG_4838.JPG

As a Shamanic practitioner you are only a tool for the greater good – sometimes we have to do things which are more important than sleep. – And I am glad I was able and allowed to fulfill what was expected  from me at that moment.

Now I am back in London, and eager to combine my Shamanic Practitioner with the amazing ‘Laughing Body’ training experience to ‘serve’ with compassion, love and care, in order to make people smile & shine again.

I have never felt more completed and loved in my life before.

What I loved most at Gesundheit! was that I was fully accepted with all the energy I have.
Gesundheit! showed me ways to love my self and to use this energy for good.
I now would like to use this given energy and skills to help others, to encourage others, to share this power to heal and to love. Please open your arms & embrace it!

Come and attend my upcoming workshops, where I will give you a glimpse of Gesundheit!

In that sense, I would like to take this opportunity to thank:
My mum for her ongoing faith in me, my sister for believing in me, my niece for her love & inspiration, my brother in law for his down-to- earth advises, my aunt for supporting & encouraging me. To all my friends here in London, for their positive encouragement, love, respect believe and trust in my ‘craziness’ & for looking after my lovely cat (especially Jean & Renato). – love you all greatly!

Thank you to Artshead – without this great supportive team, I would have never be able to do what I am doing now – Thank you – you guys are the BEST!!

I also want to give a great thank you to my teachers: Firstly Simon Buxton – thank you for your patience.

Italo (thank you for encouraging me to drum), Ginevra (the most beautiful clown there is) and Mariko (pure love) and of course PATCH ADAMS – what an honor to have met you.

Further I want to send out a mega, from the bottom of my heart thank you to all the lovely Participants of the ‘Laughing Body’ course – thank you Thank you for your hugs, your love, your acceptance and your care.the whole gang2.jpg

Thank you to Jerome for the late night backing sessions and Holly & Adam for being a great cook and host.

Thank you to Guss for a great healing session – I never felt more ‘clean’ thank you.

Last but not least – a mega thank you to Paul, for his love, kindness, acceptance and especially his ability to take me fully as I am with all the energy I have. – I love you.





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