May News

Hi everyone, hope all is well and you enjoy the spring.
April was a very successfully engaging month. The Magic Mad Hat held a taster session with elderly people partially blind as well as some elderly with mental health issues at Age UK Hammersmith.

I particularly enjoyed the joy and engagement everyone was bringing along. They all were just very curious and happy to just let go and go with the fun flow. So not being able to see fully was absolute no issue what so ever. I used a ball and we played simple name & word games.
Unfortunately we only had a bit more then 30min but I do hope to meet them all soon again.

So this was last month – What’s going on this month?


‘The Magic Mad Hat approach – presented’ is back

The Magic Mad Hat approach has received great response. Therefore, I would like to invite you to an evening of an interactive presentation of ‘How & Why the Magic Mad Hat approach’ works for mature people especially for those with mild to moderated dementia.

This upcoming evening is to illustrate how the Magic Mad Hat approach can be integrated in your daily routine, in your art sessions as well as in your care. I will give you a taste of the different games/ techniques and exercises used. You will have to do them in order to understand their benefits…this evening will be a fun evening providing you with a basic understanding how Applied Improvisation Techniques which are not only beneficial but very useful on a daily basis, especially for elderly people & people with mild to moderate dementia.

“I hugely enjoyed the presentation and yes I would recommend it to anyone working with the elderly or in fact anyone who works with community groups / as a facilitator. I think the exercises were a great fun way of warming up but also I really admired what you are doing and how passionate you are about it all. It was great to learn more about the mentality of people suffering with dementia e.g. they already feel a sense of failure and it’s important to create a space that tries to reverse that.” (Rhian, attendee)

When: 6th of May, 7-8.30pm
Where: Millman Street Resource Center
50 Millman Street (entrance between numbers 34–36)

It’s for FREE
More information click here


I will be away from the 12th -19th of May, but you still can reach me via e-mail, facebook etc for bookings. Please do not hesitate to contact me.


Last but not least – do not forget to book your ticket (or put down your deposit). Deadline for early birds is the 29th of May.

More information about Mario Müller and the fantastic upcoming workshop please visit here.

Book your ticket

I wish you all a lovely May and Let’s get the Sparkle back in the eyes of those we love & care about …


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