March News

Welcome to March News

Hello everyone- hope all is good. Welcome back and I am happy to tell you that March is all about ‘Stage’ time – performances as well as presentations.
Firstly, I am co-organizing the ‘Improv without Borders – London’ event. This is an international initiative created to raise money with the joy of Improv for refugees worldwide.
Then, I would like to invite you all to ‘The Magic Mad Hat approach – presented’ on the 16th of March. On this evening I would like to illustrate my activity approach for elderly people, including for those with dementia, and explain to you first hand why it works, how it can increase the cognitive response as well as ease the non-cognitive symptoms.
On the 25th of March I will be co-hosting/ performing at “Cook it how you like, it’s still a potato!” – Romina Puma’s Edinburgh preview.
On the 26th of March -OMG – I will be performing at the Improv Festival in London for – ONE whole hour – seriously you can’t miss this event.
Last, but not least I will tell you all more about Mario Müller, a great Improv facilitator as well as artistic director from Germany. – Enjoy the News 🙂


‘Improv without Borders’ is an international event to support refugees internationally.

LadyG (The Magic Mad Hat), Sarah McSorley (Improvzine), Francesca Reid (actor/singer/comedian/facilitator/improvisor), Anthony Noad (The Sinister Tales of Doctor Synistra)and Jane Beavis (Playback Theater)have come together to invite you for a day of fun, joyful and various types of Improv mini workshops.
LadyG will kick off with fun Improv warm-up games to get your juices and laughter muscle going, followed by
Francesca Reid’s Movement for Improvisers: Love Improv but tired of being a talking head? Learn to embody your character creations outside in, leaving space for your brain to do the work of the scene. Francesca will teach a variety of techniques to create character through the body. These are simple & effective techniques that you can pop into your performers toolbox to liven up your scenes & become fully embody people, the audience cares about. Please wear comfortable clothes & get ready to move.
After a short Break, Jane Beavis is going to offer a “mini-playback workshop” – intro to improvising with personal stories.. The workshop will be: Improv warm up games and a mini introduction into the world of playback where theater is created from audiences stories.
Antony Noad is going to keep it simple: “Circumstances don’t matter, only state of being matters.” Bashar
Taking the view that you already have everything you need to make an improvised scene (we are all natural improvisers). There is no need to make up circumstances but to keep it to what is happening in the now.

Sarah McSorley will finalize this amazing day with Intro into Applied Improvisation – A look at some familiar Improv games and how to debrief for non-improvisers.

When: 12/03/2016; 10am-3pm
Where: Impact Hub, Westminster
1st Floor New Zealand House 80 Haymarket
London, SW1Y 4TE

Do come, have a fun day with us, – it’s for global humanity.
£5.00 for Donation tickets – BOOK it HERE or pay at the door (Please confirm your attendance)
ALL the money goes to
‘Improv without Borders’

What better way to help?


Now for months you all have heard me talking about the amazing effects Improv games & exercises can have on elderly people including those with Dementia. You might have even read any of my BLOGS, BUT you don’t really know what I am doing, would like to know more, see it first hand and would like to find out why I am so strongly convinced that it is working.
I understand, that everything new which hasn’t got a statistical and scientifically  proven documentation can appear odd, silly or even ‘useless’. That’s why I would like to invite you to my live presentation. During this evening I will illustrate to you what games I use for what group, how certain groups have improved and why. I will explain in depth the concept behind the ‘playfulness’ and why Improv is more  than a ‘therapy’ (It is a creative art).
In addition, this evening will also allow me to find out more about you as a carer, family member or care home manager. I would like to know more about your needs and hope to show you that my service can match your needs and add value to your care.
This evening is for FREE, and there are NO STRINGS attached -I will not ask you to sign up for anything, nor will I try to convince you to buy anything. This evening is meant to have an opportunity of knowledge exchange.
I will send out a reminder closer to the date

When: 16/03/2016, 7- 8.30pm
Where: Millman Street Resource Center
50 Millman Street (entrance between numbers 34–36)

It’s for FREE


I have met Romina Puma last year and she is one amazing lady. Romina is well known in London’s comedy circus especially as Stand-up Comedian.
So it is a real honor to co-host a comedy evening with her.
About Romina:
After Not disabled…Enough! Romina Puma is working on her new show.
Derived from an Italian saying, “Cook it how you like, it’s still a potato” is an expression for the many words and the articulate ways we keep coming up with to describe and sometimes disguise something, without in fact changing its meaning. To the point where, when it comes to disability, at times now even Romina is confused about how to describe herself!
I (Aka LadyG) will be opening the evening with ‘Just me…’.
Be prepared to be taken on a roller coast ride backed with real life emotions, laughter and great joy… ‘Just me…’ has become my most successful solo show so far… this evening is for you to get the opportunity to watch me for free for the same great quality, emotions and entertainment.

When: 25/03/2016, 8- 10pm
Where: Millman Street Resource Center
50 Millman Street (entrance between numbers 34–36)
More information can be found

It’s for FREE


I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I am part of the big ImproFest UK 2016.
So you feel emotional, you feel the vibe, you feel life can be so real indeed… You feel me?!… LadyG in ’Just me…’ is going to perform a full hour and you you will have the pleasure to enjoy a roller coast of emotional aspects from daily life – light hearten, deep & dark, surreal and funny – entertainment guaranteed!

When: 26/03/2016, 4.30pm
Where: Tristan Bates Theater
1A Tower St,
London, WC2H 9NP

Book your ticket here please


We all know that ‘Made in Germany’ stands for top notch quality and Mario Müller is the living proof.
Last year, Mario Müller was introduced to me by my Improv friend Alex Fradera due to his drama/ Improv work with people with dementia in Germany.
Mario was part in a theatrical project including people with dementia.
For about four months Mario would improvise with those people, whose dementia ranged from mild to severe.
His session would include past events, personal experiences and the use of common expressions.
The purpose was to reinforce the cognitive abilities, hence increase their attention/concentration span and to maybe allow them to participate in the semi-improvised theatre piece that was developed.
Need the less to say, the project was a great success – 13 sold-out performances in two countries.

Mario is going to come to London on the 30th & 31st of July to host a two day’s workshop full of creativity, physical expressions and most of all – FUN. Put this days in your diary – this weekend is truly NOT to be missed.
You now can read more about Mario Müller HERE

I truly hope to meet some of you at one of these exciting upcoming event – have a great month and please feel free to contact me any time. Thank you for reading


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