January News

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2016 – I hope you all had a good festive time. The Magic Mad Hat had a massive Make-over (see the new website) and is delighted to enter the New Year with a stronger sense of mission.
I, Gudrun Christine Fritz – founder, owner & facilitator of the Magic Mad Hat, have learned a lot from 2015 and have now established a very good sense of where my service is needed the most.
My focus this year will be to provide ‘Improv for Dementia‘ to a wider audience, targeting residential care homes as well as community centers.
Furthermore, I am hoping to attract the more mature people in our society and engage everyone ‘aged 50+’ to some evenings of fun, self-expression and group creations.

I will introduce you to a joyful & fun way of expressing yourself freely, while creating extraordinary moments. You don’t have to think you are hilariously funny or really quick-witted to attend these sessions; everyone is welcome! Everyone has something to offer.
I am hosting two special session on the 22nd & 29th of January @ the Millman Resource center
More information can be found here

With the Magic Mad Hat, I am open to new ideas as well as projects, and I am excited to find out what 2016 will bring… In that sense, I hope you will enjoy this News letter -please do not hesitate to contact me if you require more information either about myself or the Magic Mad Hat.

Thank you


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