December Newsletter

Welcome to the Magic December Newsletter…

The Magic Mad Hat is pleased to announce, that Gudrun Fritz has been in co-operation with AGE UK as well as with a couple of Dementia Cafes, with the great result of providing Improvised Comedy & Clowning sessions to more elderly people & people with dementia, starting in January 2016.
More information about the work with people of 50+ and people with dementia, please click here.

In December 2015, The Magic Mad Hat is inviting everyone to come and watch our great up-coming, magical shows… the Magic Mad Hat would like to show you the Magic in real action, performed by some of the greatest as well as newest talents within the comedy scene.


Come and join us at our X-mas Special full of Magical performances, joy, love & Laughter.
We are very excited to welcome some of the greatest performer and Improvisers to be part at our Christmas Special.
Romina Puma
Romina Puma is a work in progress disabled.
She’s been doing comedy for nearly seven years.
In 2015 she did her first solo show “Not disabled…Enough!” at the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe festival.
She is now working on her second show.
Adam & Mel
Adam & Mel have been with the Magic Mad Hat since its early days, when Sophie was teaching the beginner’s course.
Now they will have a great opportunity to shoe off their great, fun & entertaining talents.
Phil Lunn
Phil is an improvising comedy singer and pianist, who performs a solo act based around an interesting character.
Sometimes it’s a career retrospective of a forgotten singer, with an insight into his career and personal highs and lows.
He has worked with many Impro groups over several years, and is currently MD of Music Box: The Improvised Comedy Musical, and performs with Hoopla Impro’s House Band.The Magic Mad Hat Show featuring starsJames Witt
He was part of the team who founded Music Box : The Improvised Comedy Musical in 2010 and has been performing with them regularly ever since.
He is also the current Artistic Director.
He also appears regularly with a short-from group Hoopla’s House Band and alongside Steve Roe in ‘Pirates! High Seas Improv‘.
During the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 he directed and appeared in a brand new long-form format of TIS: The Improvised Soap.
Antony Noad

Antony Noad has been continually involved in the world of Impro for 4 years now.
He started in the group Arthur and Mini Mini Montage, and is currently part of The Magical Mad Hat Show and An Improvised Impro Show as well as is directing and performing in The Sinister Tales of Dr Synistra.

Rebecca Schuster
Rebecca is from Canada and well famous in London for her great performances with ‘Shoes & Socks’, ‘The friend of a friend’ as well as in ‘King Me’.
Rebecca is one of a kind of an Improviser, spontaneous, witty, fun and generous.

LadyG has been practicing Improvised Comedy since 2012.
She is part of ‘The Sinister Tales of Dr Synistra‘, Creator and performer of ‘The Magic Mad Hat show’, as well as she is now running her successful Solo Act ‘Just me…’.


When: 11th of December from 7.30-9.30pm

Where: TheHolborn Community Asssociation
50 Millman Street (entrance between numbers 34–36)

Tube: Holborn, Russel Square
Price: FREE
Please do come and join us for an evening of Magical Improvised comedy, where everything is made up on the spot.
This evening is for you to get to know ‘the Magic Mad Hat’ in real action, with music, fun and great entertainment.

More detailed information, please click here


‘Just me…the Irony of Christmas’
Gudrun Fritz (Aka LadyG), would like to invite you to her Edinburgh pre-preview.
You all have heard about her & the Magic Mad Hat, but most of you might not have seen her live on stage.
Come and enjoy an evening of an ironical version of Christmas.
Watch LadyG’s performance in ‘Just me – the Irony of Christmas’ illustrating the emotional perception involved during Christmas time.
‘Just me…’ is her best solo performance yet, being surrealistically honest while expressing real life emotions of real life situations.
LadyG combines Impro, Clowning and Mindfulness on stage and takes pride for being aware of her surroundings – which, sometimes gets included in the scene.
Her entire performance is made up on the spot, using suggestions from the Audience.
Expect a great long-form emotional roller coaster, including real life ups & downs… You have never seen a Christmas such like this before…Fun, laughter, Awwws, & UUUhhhs guaranteed!!!!
After the show, please stay and have a little drink with LadyG.
Please bring your own Drink
When: 15th of December 2015; 7.30-9.30pm
Where: Torriano Meeting House
99, Torriano Avenue
Tube: Kentish Town
Price: FREE
The Magic Mad Hat wishes you all a very Peaceful and Joyful Christmas and very great New Year!!!

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