George- Who is George?

I will be really honest, I don’t really know much about George’s life or his greater personality.
What I do know is, that he is probably slightly over 80 years old and is one of the Senior visitor of the Holborn Community center at Millman Street.

In August this year I hosted two Improvised Comedy Taster Sessions at the Millman resource center.
George participated in both sessions.
I played the ‘pointing’ game, where the students go around the room, pointing and naming things they spot in the room.
Now, this game can be played with a little twist, where the student points on something, but names it as something completely different…  So for example – a table lamp can be an elephant, the ceiling can become a swimming pool and so forth…

Event though George totally understood the first part of the game, he struggled to over come logic at the second part…
And so he was exclaiming:” I don’t understand a thing… They are all gone mad!!!”, while having a huge smile over his face.

Even though he did not understand what was going on and why it still seemed to me he had fun and enjoyed being part of the ‘Madness’.

So you can imagine my slight disappointment, when I came back in September and George wasn’t in the group.

Sure, maybe Impro is not for everyone. Maybe not everyone just wants to let go, be in the moment and enjoy silliness.

So as time went on, George always gave a nice smile the moment I entered the center and I could see him sometimes peeping through the separation curtain (separating the dinning room from the activity part).

I tried to encourage him to join in again, but it seemed he felt a bit too shy, too embarrassed…

But at today Session, I received a very positive surprise.
George made a grand entrance and picked straight up where he left us the last time.

I am very happy to have George back in our weekly session, each one person within the senior Impro group contributes such a great deal and makes every session enjoyable, enduring as well as progressing.

Welcome back George….

If you wish to find out more about George or the great joy of Impro for Seniors:



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