November Newsletter

November is the calm Month before the annual big storm called Christmas. The leaves have all fallen, the fog is back & the Magic Mad Hat is offering some very calm, productive, enjoyable as well as mindful classes & workshops to prepare you for the upcoming storm called Christmas.

To start off the November News, I am so delighted to welcome Jamie Willmott as on-going Intern at The Magic Mad Hat.
Jamie has been participating since the ‘birth presentation’ of The Magic Mad Hat School. We first met at the very first official presentation of The Magic Mad Hat, and Jamie felt so inspired by what he saw, he straight signed up for our Beginners course, which was hosted by Sophie.

As Jamie is highly experienced in working with disabled people he will be a great force to bring  The Magic Mad Had to the next level – offering Improvised Comedy & Clowning to people with different abilities.

READ More About Jamie & The Magic Mad Hat HERE

Impro, The Clown & Mindfulness – Stay in the Character

Impro, the Clown & Mindfulness is the new monthly workshop session, hosted by myself, Gudrun Ch Fritz (aka LadyG)this event will support and reinforce your profound being of joy….
Last month session was greatly received by a very warm and supportive group, consisting of different skill levels in terms of Impro, Clowning or Mindfulness.
These session are especially designed to be enjoyable for anyone, no matter how much experience you might have in Impro or Clowning.

On Friday the 13th of November, we will discover the balance of playing different Character with different emotions, while being Mindful and grounded.

Dive into your natural being of funny, discover your hidden talents of being playful, feel the weight coming of your shoulders while you laugh and shine.
Be in tune with yourself and the world while having fun.
Establish your truth character while connecting to your emotions without leaving the present moment.
We will look into different characters & emotions, while staying grounded in Mindfulness.
You will be able to explore all possibilities of fun, joy, laughter, agreement and of ‘just being YOURSELF’…

When: Friday, 13th November 2015, 7-9pm
Where: Holborn Community Association
50 Millman Street (entrance between numbers 34–36)
Tube: Holborn or Russell Square
Price: £5.00

Accessible Impro Taster Session
The Magic Mad Hat believes that everyone should have the opportunity to brighten up their lives, having fund while being in the present Moment and meeting new friends.
This Accessible Impro taster session is specially designed for anybody of any level of physical ability who wants to have a taste of the funniness and uplifting benefits of Impro.With an innovative approach many of the games and scenes are made as accessible as we can.
We will make sure that you feel at ease at all time and never miss out on the wonderfulness of “being in the now”!This session is hosted and fully guided by our warm and welcoming teacher Gudrun Ch Fritz.
Joined by her trusty & enthusiastic assistant, Jamie, who is on hand to help everybody to engage in the fun!

The Magic Mad Hat has had success before enabling less able people the chance to join in and never miss out on the fun!
Now with a more suitable and accessible space, we can invite more people to learn and experience about the amazing benefits of Impro for themselves.

When: Friday, 27th of November 2015 6-7pm
Where: The Holborn Community Asssociation
50 Millman Street (entrance between numbers 34–36)
Tube: Holborn or Russel Square
Price: £5 per person

As a last word for our November Newsletter, I am very happy to announce, that the weekly sessions with the elderly at the Holborn Community Association are going to continue.
Also, I am in talks with Age UK, to widen the service and reach to more elderly people.



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