Impro, The Clown & Mindfulness

On Tuesday the 22nd of September, The Magic Mad Hat is hosting a very Special Edition of its ‘Hop-in’ Sessions – focusing to connect the Improviser with the clown while bringing forward the hidden mindfulness.

But what have Impro & clowning to do with Mindfulness you might wonder – well let’s look into it a bit closer.

Impro as well as Clowning is never planned ahead and is meant to be performed in the present Moment.
Both are relying on the spontaneous impulse as well as the essence of being in the present MOMENT.

The improviser is ‘allowed’ to mime, while creating a new environment, such as a public library, a nuclear bunker or the living room of Barrack Obama.
The clown, on the other hand, stays in the real environment, meaning the stage is his platform and he works with what is actually there – such as a chair, a mirror and his audience.

Both, however need to have full awareness of their surroundings.
The Improviser needs to be fully in tune with his team members in order to build on each others ideas to create together a great, smooth and harmonizing show.
The team needs to be in agreement while being fully present and listening to each other.

The Clown (as far as I understand it – even thou the concept of Clown is far more complex), on the contrary, needs to have awareness of his AUDIENCE.
The Clown fully thrives on laughter.
Each received laugh is a loop forward for the Clown.
He needs, therefore to be fully present, listening and ‘feeling’ the audience.

Summarizing, I believe it is right to say, that spontaneousness, awareness, deep listening and being in the moment are the profound & essential ‘tools’ of a Improviser or a Clown.

So where is the mindfulness in this all? Well:

1.the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something
2.a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.
As a performer myself I am constantly aiming to improve my sets, and the moment I had manged to combine some of the techniques from Improvised Comedy & Clowning, I have felt deeper connected to my audience as well as to my team members.

All of a sudden, to be quiet on stage was not awkward, but rather capturing.
Listening to the laughter rewarded me with more laughter.

And personally I now feel more in peace, more accepting, more joyful and more accessible.

So this up-coming SPECIAL EDITION is to bring back the awareness on stage, encouraging you to listen deeper while taking time before you speak.
It is to hencourage you to deeper listen to the laughter from audience while connecting, playing and creating with your team members.

Yes there will be a short ‘meditation’ for you to settle safely  into the environment.

For more information please click here.

Recommended reading: Sacred Clowning


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