The Magic Mad Hat Newsletter – September

holbornThe Magic Mad Hat is pleased to announce, that we are going to continue our weekly Improv sessions for elderly people at the Holborn Community Association.
Participants with light dementia have greatly benefit from our sessions, while enjoying a good laugh.
If you would like to know how it has been perceived  – please READ MORE HERE
We hope to spread our wings and be able to offer this great joy to more community centers & retirement homes.

BYOT2/ Pct taken by Shem PennantHOP IN is the new DROP IN

From Tuesday the 8th of September onward we are hosting weekly Drop in sessions, focusing on special games dedicated to Bonding, Focus, Awareness,Creation, Energy and Dynamics.
In addition we will apply the basics of Improvised comedy, such as ‘Yes and…’, being spontaneous, deep listening, developing playfulness, building confidence in your ideas…and more!
Hosted and guided by our lovely, warm and welcoming Gudrun Ch Fritz.

Where: Torriano Meeting House
99 Torriano Avenue
When:  Every Tuesday
from 7-9pm
Price:   £9.00
Book now

Life is like a roller coast but with doing comedy it becomes all more durable, funnier, entertaining, uplifting, lighter, joyful, laughable, loveable, fuller, happier, smilier, opener, friendlier& brighter.

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