August Newsletter

At the Beginning of your Journey Improv & Clowning are theatrical, artistic & mindful ways for self-expression & discovery while having fun & fully enjoy being in your own skin. 

The Magic Mad Hat’s intentions are to show you the brighter side of life with the help of comedy.

The Magic Mad Hat would like to invite everyone to experience these benefits and/or who would

  • Like to lighten & brighten up their life
  • Like to laugh more
  • Like to get to know their inner ‘clown’
  • Like to meet & create with different people
  • Like to find his confidence again
  • Like to experience the NOW
  • Like to learn and perform Improv/ clowning
  • Like to feel good about them self
  • Like to ‘vaporize’ the dark & dull cloud over their head and see the sunshine again

What is Improv?
The Benefits of doing Improv


We start off our amazingly helpful 8-weeks ‘Introduction to Improv’ course on Tuesday the 8th of September until Tuesday 27th of October 2015.
These eight weeks are going to focus on special games dedicated to Bonding, Focus, Awareness,Creation, Energy and Dynamics.
Hosted and guided by our lovely, warm, funny, entertaining and welcoming Gudrun Ch Fritz.
During this course you will gain the basics of Improvised comedy, such as ‘Yes and…’, being spontaneous, deep listening, developing playfulness, building confidence in your ideas…and more!

Price: £120 – £60 deposit, the rest can be paid throughout the duration of the course.


Life is like a roller coast but with doing comedy it becomes all more durable, funnier, entertaining, uplifting, lighter, joyful, laughable, loveable, fuller, happier, smilier, opener, friendlier& brighter.

We are also pleased to announce, that The Magic Mad Hat is in process of facilitating Comedy to elderly people and people with light dementia… You are never too old to have a laugh!!!!

From September onwards we will also offer weekly Drop-in sessions, for everyone, who already has some experience with Improvised Comedy & Clowning.
In that Sense – we all hope to meet you at one of our session and wish you an joyful, relaxing & sunny Summer.


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