And Scene…

I am sure you all know the expression – “Life is a Stage” or ” I feel like I am in a (bad) film…”

Let’s be honest-… Not one moment stays forever, life is an ever changing circle.

You go through life – meeting and leaving people, engaging with new characters, acting yourself as a new character, trying to fit in, to find your self and basically establishing the meaning of it all while doing the best to survive within this jungle called ‘life’.

Further more you have to endure an ongoing roller-coaster filled with dramatically mixed up emotions – from broken hearts, to ecstatic euphoric happiness of giving birth or getting married. Emotions from deepest grief to exciting hottest lust.

Feelings of joy, anger, hate, love, indulgence, ecstasy, fun, paranoia, depression, enlightenment, recovery & rebirth are dominating our daily moments.

Manipulating, shaping, forming us and finally bringing us closer to who we really are…

Life itself seems to be a consistency of scenes.

Drama, comedy, thriller, fantasy, horror and even musical are the center pieces of our personal stage, every scene influences, shapes, forms and guides us in one way or the other.

Some of these are long-form scenes, End-of-the World scenes, short-form, or so tiny hard to see scenes…

With Improv you can fully engage & be aware of all type of scenes…



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