To be in the NOW…

My very first fully conscious ‘Being in the NOW’ experience was a few years back on a 60m high rock wall.

My sister and I went rock climbing and since the rope was only about 40m long I had to climb up, undo the rope in order to pull it through some security ring, redo the rope and then belay my sister up. Being 30m off the ground, the wind blowing around your nose and you have only a couple of inches to stand on, you would not dare to think on anything… you don’t have the stomach nor the courage to think what could be tomorrow or how miserable day it was yesterday. If you not totally and fully focused and within the NOW – you FALL – no way back… and no way forward – it’s now and here where you have to be…

It only stops, when you touch solid ground again – where at that moment I started to laugh out of joy and relieve…

Doing yoga can have a similar sensation…it also can give you inside visions and release a lot of mental brain tension (you know that feeling, when you f*** you brain so much that you almost numb)…It also can lift your mood, spirit and general well-being.

I love climbing and yoga, but due to a knee injury my abilities to fully practice both are limited now. Even though they can be quite full filling, healing and satisfying – I would not consider them as ‘funny’ as such.

Within Improvised comedy and clowning it is crucial to stay/be in the NOW- in the present moment, and not to over-think your next move. If you try to be funny, meaning you think about how to be funny you will fail – like when you think while climbing- you fall.

With Improvised comedy & Clowning you have to follow your guts, your intuition and follow the feeling from the heart…THEN you will be really funny and successful, as your truth being can flourish and come out – to play & be…

To top it up, you don’t need to be super fit, nor super talented – you only need to be YOU, the real you…

The real you is that funny, lovely, entertaining, sometimes dark and divine being, connected back to the source, while making us all laugh and shine.

The beauty of Improv & clowning is, that you don’t have to do this all on your own, you don’t have to force yourself not to think, while you think in order to not think…The beauty is, that you for a moment are back to being the innocent child, who goes out to play with his mates, like there is no tomorrow nor was there ever a yesterday…

Improv & Clowning a brilliant tools to help you to switch off your mind, BE totally safe within the MOMENT while having a good time with a good laugh…


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