A new Beginning…

Yesterday evening our ‘Intro to Improv- a Beginners Course’ hosted by Sophie Pumphrey started.

I welcomed everyone, and you could tell the anxiety, shyness, insecurity and the general not-knowing-what- will- happen expression in everyone face. To make matters worst, I probably bored some of the new participants with my ‘Admin’ speech.

Nevertheless, I left them all in the good hands of Sophie, and returned at the end of the session. What I saw absolutely astonished me and the vibe was mind blowing.

Every one of the newbies was simply smiling, laughing, more secure in them self, more settled and absolutely delighted and grateful for being able to enjoy and see everything from a complete different angle. You could feel the lightness in their hearts and mind.

This experience surely no money can pay and it is nice to be able to pass on what had been given to me…

I would like to thank Sophie for doing just a joyful and great job, and also a mega thank you to our Newbies (Jamie, Schulaxshan, Zoe, Mel, Annabel, Charly & Ellie) for making this great Journey happen…

Please join us further and come to our next workshop ‘Improvised Characters’ on Saturday 20th of June.

Love & Peace xx LadyG