Improv & I

I thought of expressing my personal experience with Improv and how it has affected and changed my life.

And firstly i thought to tell everyone about my roller- coaster life and my lucky escape from a therapist who thought after a 5min conversation it would be best to give me some mega heavy anti-depressant pills, which side effects would have transformed me to a speechless person -like in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” – starring out a window while my saliva trips from a corner of my mouth and not having realized that some material came out with my last fart…

But then I remembered an experience I had, which totally represented so beautifully and exact to the point the essential meaning of Improv for me – Here it goes:

Last year I went to Austria to meet my family and especially my little niece, who is now 5 years old. We went to a chocolate exhibition especially designed for smaller children – there we met my friend and his 6 years old daughter….what happened next really describes Improv in the most profound way…

My niece and my friend’s daughter had never ever met before… They said hi and off they went to play, had fun, shared, laughed and then they went back to their parents/ home…

There was no judging, there was no fear, there was no NO, there was absolutely nothing stopping these little girls from having fun and from playing/ fooling around – there was only ‘YES, AND…’

And practicing Improvised comedy & Clowning has given me this ‘child like’ freedom back.

It has taken away the fear of others, has enabled me to talk & laugh with strangers and Improvise with anyone who would like to play…

It certainly has made me younger…It is good to be a child again…‘YES, AND…’


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