June Newsletter

Improvisation is a theatrical way for self-expression. It is a fun way of exploration and discovery. It is a journey to self-realization and feeling comfortable in one’s own skin.

We are so excited to announce our first ever newsletter packed full of goodies for anyone who would like to:

  • embrace spontaneity
  • increase self-esteem
  • have more confidence
  • interact more with others
  • celebrate failure and make it work in new ways
  • find ways to quieten negative thoughts
  • have more fun

Introduction to Impro


We start off in June with the amazingly helpful 8-weeks Introduction to Impro’ course, hosted and guided by our lovely, warm and welcoming Sophie Pumphrey.

In this course you will gain the basics of Improvised comedy, such as ‘Yes and…’, being spontaneous, deep listening, developing playfulness, building confidence in your ideas…and more!

This course starts on 8th June at the

Torriano Meeting House,

99 Torriano Avenue,

London, NW5 2RX.

Price: £130 for 8 weeks, with a £65 deposit required to secure a place, the rest can be paid throughout the duration of the course.

Book now

Magic Mad Hat School Open Evening


On 17th June we invite everyone to our Presentation of the Magic Mad Hat School.

What can you expect?

Introduction to the Mad Hat School – who, what, why and where.

Special guest group – spontaneous action and genius teamwork live on stage.

Sophie Pumphrey presents the Intro to Impro Course

LadyG – a short solo improvised comedy: ‘Just Me’

Antony Noad presents the evening and weekend workshops

The Great Montage – all performers in one final sketch together


Time & Place: 8-10pm @

Torriano Meeting House,

99 Torriano Avenue,

London, NW5 2RX.

Read what people had to say about our previous event:

‘What a marvellous event! Inspiring people, thought provoking, moving and full of mirth and merriment!’ (J)

Improvised Characters


On 20th June we have our very special workshop Improvised Characters’.
Have you ever fancied being someone else for a while? A supermarket pirate, an elephant’s child, an operatic diver or an operating diva, a drunk prime minister or part of the team in the Queen’s best tea set? Have you ever wondered how it would feel to slip into another persona?
This is a workshop for people:
– New to improvisation
– Want an opportunity to gain more confidence in themselves.
– To learn to find ways to improvise characters.

This workshop is designed to help people reconnect with their own inspiration and creativity (that sometimes get brushed aside in these busy times).

Our lovely, kind and brilliant Antony Noad is going to host and guide this special class.
It starts at 10am until 2pm at
The Theatre Delicatessen
19 Farringdon Road
London EC1R 3ER
Only £20 for the whole day
Book now

Taster Session


We close the month of June with our monthly Taster Session on 24th June.

Two hours discovering what improvising comedy can be – what better way to explore the fun, joy and laughter, than actually doing it and experiencing it first hand?

We would like to invite you an evening of games and laughter. The supportive teamwork will enable participants to feel free to embrace ‘foolishness’ and capture a childlike spirit of playfulness.

This evening will be led by the warm and friendly Sophie Pumphrey & Antony Noad.

Time: 7-9pm, at

Torriano Meeting House,

99 Torriano Avenue,

London, NW5 2RX.

It has been an amazing evening so far, but don’t take my word for it and please read the testimonial feedback:

‘Really fun, practical introduction to Improv led by three awesome and talented teachers. Highly recommend these courses to others interested in learning about improvisation. It was really fun, you’re so full of energy and intensity, love it! So much fun! Anthony and Sophie are very good teachers!’ (Jamie)

Don’t miss out on this great fun & Book now to avoid disappointment.

We, the Magic Mad Hat team, would love to welcome you to one of our events and hope to spread the joy and love.

See you all soon


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